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We're Not Weighting's podcast

Sep 15, 2021

Have you ever thought about what kind of eater you are? 

We’ll dive into why this is a helpful piece of information for you as you recover your intuitive eater. 

This episode is about the eating personalities, as defined in the Intuitive Eating book by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. They’ve identified some of the...

Aug 12, 2021


This week we dive into all things Enneagram with expert Erin Baute! We are delighted to welcome her back to the show to discuss the intersection of the Enneagram and embodiment. If you’ve ever wondered how to connect with your body during recovery from diet culture, this is the episode for you!



Aug 4, 2021

Body image is something we talk about all the time, we see it online but do we really even know what that means? It’s hard to heal something or work on something that isn’t fully defined. We often equate it to just loving our body but it’s more layered than that.

In this episode we will define for you what body...

Jul 29, 2021

We are delighted to share our conversation with productivity coach and mindfulness expert Dr. Brooke Smith. If you would like to learn more about how to tap into your productivity like a vinyasa flow, this episode is for you!

Dr. Brooke also talks with us about her journey with learning about intuitive eating and...

Jul 21, 2021

WTF is Interoceptive Awareness? 

Interoception involves communication between a bodily sensation and our brain processing the information to support physical and emotional wellbeing, and ultimately a response.  The ability to access interoceptive awareness varies greatly from person to person; for some it is relatively...