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We're Not Weighting's podcast

Feb 25, 2019

We are starting a new series on the podcast where we'll be breaking down the 10 principles of Intuitive Eating. So if you've heard us mention it on the podcast before but you're not quite sure what it is, these episodes are for you. In today's episode, we are talking about principle 1 rejecting the diet mentality. 



Feb 18, 2019

We are so excited in this episode to have guest Julie Duffy Dillon.

She's a food peace dietician and helps women with PCOS find peace with food and their bodies. You can check out her work here:


She also has an amazing podcast called Love, Food. check it out here

Feb 11, 2019

We're talking about why self care isn't just face masks and bubble baths.

Feb 4, 2019

We're not going to compliment your weight loss and we talk about why.