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We're Not Weighting's podcast

Apr 29, 2019

On today's episode get to chat with Nicola Salmon of @fatpositivefertility. We talk about weight stigma in regards to fertility treatment and pregnancy. Plus she gives lots of great tips on how to not get lost in the fertility process. 

You can connect with her on Instagram and Facebook @fatpositivefertility or sign up...

Apr 22, 2019

Intuitive Eating Principle 5: Feel your fullness

Today's episode we're digging into how to feel your fullness with Intuitive Eating. It can be scary coming from dieting to allow yourself to feel your fullness. We're talking through how feeling your fullness can actually be very freeing. 


If you want to dive deeper...

Apr 15, 2019

On today's episode we have guest Celeste Smith of Celeste Smith Therapy. We talk about diet culture and the church and the problematic expectations put on women in the church.

You can find Celeste's work here.

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Celeste's blog post we mention in this episode is here.

Podcast she mentions Fat...

Apr 8, 2019

In today's episode we're continuing our series on the 10 principles of Intuitive Eating. We're breaking down principle 4, Challenge the Food Police.

If you're new to Intuitive Eating and wondering what it's all about, this is a great episode for you to listen to. If you're interested in principle 1, check out Episode 10...

Apr 1, 2019

We're chatting with Sarah Johannesen of Living Like Golden about her recovery and the role her faith played in healing. 

You can find her on Instagram at or visit her blog


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