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We're Not Weighting's podcast

Mar 24, 2021

Show notes:

This episode is about The Messy Middle. You are trying to figure out this whole Intuitive Eating/Health at Every Size stuff. Learning how to reconcile a past of striving for your dream body, now knowing there’s no perfect diet out there. You are in the process of letting your body be the size it wants to be. 

So maybe you’re not really feeling like an Intuitive Eater, but also you know you don’t want to diet any longer. 

This episode answers….how to be in the messy middle. 



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Live Free Collective 

If any of this has hit home with you, and you think, dang I could use some help with this, we are currently accepting new coaching clients. We have conveniently put together a coaching package where you purchase three sessions with each of us, so six sessions total. Tonya will help you with the food stuff, and Tracy will help you with the body stuff. If you want to learn more schedule a free consultation by visiting our website at We would love to help you get through the messy middle.


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