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We're Not Weighting's podcast

Jun 10, 2020

What impact have believers had on how we view health, and what does God really think about our diet? 

We dive into a discussion about this topic and much more with guest Nicole Mesita, Registered Dietician Nutritionist from Body Bloved.  

Find out about more of Nicole’s work at:

Instagram @body_bloved

Facebook Body Bloved

In the episode, Nicole mentions Diet Detox, this little devotional was written by a team of folks in different phases of life, but with the common message that every body is a good body. Body Bloved has just released a three-week individual Food Freedom Bible Study, and listeners receive $5 off using the code "werenotweighting" at check out. 

We also talk about this blog post, and why it is harmful to us when we hear leaders on stage in the church to make any diet references or joke about our body sizes. 

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