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We're Not Weighting's podcast

Jul 15, 2020

Have you ever wondered who is behind all of the popular diets these days? The goal of us sharing this info is to bring awareness as to the common origins and common themes we see within these diet programs. 

We divided them up into different categories, multi-level marketing (MLM’s) selling meal replacements such as bars and shakes, Cleanses and detox diets, and paid subscription programs. 

What we found was there was a common pattern of the majority of them being white cisgender males. Most of these diet creators also had no background in nutrition or dietetics. These people are behind the loud diet culture messages that affect our ability to accept that all bodies are good bodies.

Trigger warning--this episode contains general info about diet plans and the intended results of restrictive diets. While we have tried to keep as much language as neutral as we can, if you are in a place of vulnerability to believe the best diet plan is still out there, this episode may not be for you. It’s totally ok to “weight” until you are ready to hear this information.

We hope this email encourages you to stop "weighting" and start living your life today. 

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